How To Download Your Flickr Photos Using PicBackMan

Photo credit Flickr

Photo credit Flickr

Flickr was acquired by SmugMug back in April 2018 and they are changing things up. For those of you who use the free account for photo storage, today is the last day to upgrade to pro and save your photos from being deleted. According to Flickr: After February 5, 2019, free accounts that contain over 1,000 photos or videos will have content actively deleted—starting from oldest to newest date uploaded—to meet the new limit.

By the way they have some super deals if you upgrade by today January 8th. Check it out here. Pretty sweet stuff. Use coupon code FLICKRPRO15 for 15% off today.

If you have more than 1000 photos and you don’t want to upgrade, here is how to download your images using PicBackMan.

Flickr Migration Guide

If you want help with migrating your photos, be sure to schedule a call today!